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Physician-Jobs.net presents Emergency Medicine Physician job opportunities via our trusted network of respected physician employers.  From smaller, close-knit medical facilities to the nation’s major health systems and managed care organizations, Physician-Jobs.net has the perfect fit for your career and lifestyle. 

About Emergency Medicine Physicians

An Emergency Medicine Physician is a specialized physician who most commonly works in a hospital’s emergency room to diagnose, stabilize and treat patients with acute illnesses.  Emergency Medicine Physicians typically work in hospitals and, occasionally, urgent care centers. 

Emergency Medicine Physicians are required to have the medical training of many different specialties because they are often the first medical doctor to see a patient upon the patient’s admittance to the emergency room.  To properly diagnose and stabilize the patient, they must be trained in many advanced procedures and be able to decide if a patient may be treated and released from the emergency room or prepared for additional care in the hospital.


According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth for Emergency Medicine Physicians is expected to be above average through 2016.  This growth will be attributed to the aging population, changes in health care coverage and hospitals’ desire to contain and manage costs.  The median annual salary for Emergency Medicine Physicians in the U.S. is estimated to be approximately $256,000.

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