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What to take on the road

Knowing what to take on the road with you as a locum tenens will help you be more comfortable when you arrive at your new location.  Find out the must-haves before you pack your bags.

Traveling seasonally

How can you see the sights, experience different practice settings, and customize assignments cyclically to fit your personal predilections?  By traveling seasonally as a locum tenens physician.  Read on to see how other physicians are living life by their own rules through locum tenens.

De-bunking the locum myths

If you are in the middle to late stages of your career, you may think that companies are only looking for candidates in their 20s and 30s. Prepare to have this and other myths shattered. Read on to determine what you really can expect on the road.

America’s Best Places to Practice

For physicians starting out or looking for greener pastures, our cities and towns offer much that's essential to a happy life and practice. Read about America's best places to practice.

Earnings Survey: How are you doing?

Compare your earnings with those of colleagues in your specialty and others. Learn more about how your earnings match up to your colleagues' earnings.

Is your practice fulfilling?

If given the option of doing it all over again—would you choose the same specialty or, indeed, the same profession?  Find out if your practice is fulfilling.

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